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Enki’s created a sterile lab; its air-conditioned is “the source of your biblical assertion that immediately after acquiring fashioned the Adam, Elohim ‘blew in his nostrils the breath of existence. Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda mapped chromosomes, genes and genomes. They fertilized ova in test tube flasks with sperm soaked in Nibiran blood serum and mineral nutrients.

Grass grows atop the layers of earth and stones that make the Newgrange mound. The mound steps 249 ft across and 39 feet high. Inside, a hallway of enormous stone slabs engraved with star maps stretches sixty ft to 3 small chambers off a larger central chamber with a higher corbelled vault roof.

The straight lines “crisscross one another, at times working more than and ignoring the animal drawings. These are definitely not produced with handheld ray guns. The lines are certainly not horizontally level–they run straight more than uneven terrain, ignoring hills, ravines, gullies. They are not runways; They may be embedded in soil too loose to carry anything as weighty being an plane.

Stone markers, two miles out, lined up While using the Temple of the Solar on its east-west axis; its other axis is north-west at the time it had been developed on the product with the Giza Pyramids.

for Adapa’s smartest descendants. The Brotherhood gave them Highly developed scientific knowledge plus the fact that Earthlings are tailored Nibirans and that Nibirans weren’t gods. [

” His successors set the Law of Succession: if the King dies, his son together with his father’s 50 %-sister succeeds.

The new view frees us from the physical and economic slavery, hierarchic obsession, derogation of More about the author ladies, gold lust, antagonistic religions and nations the gods as well as the hybrid elite they designed dictated.

Ningishizidda put ova from Check This Out Ti-Amat into seven test-tubes. Then he planted the seven ova in the identical Health professionals who’d borne the hybrid males.

They flew me to Boston to have my health care & blood tests finished by a Harvard Professor. The results of my blood test was that I've an mysterious blood ailment/bloodline that's not usual human blood. I had no clue what any of this bloodline things was about at this stage.

! The male seemed seriously stunned and requested who brought this person to him? Apparently, he also started out throwing out some threats in the direction of Michael and Bushman.

The shifting climate a knockout post and alter with the reigning zodiacal house from the Enlil’s Bull to Marduk’s Aries “moved the telluric lines on the earth. Anchoring the shifting nodes of these currents worldwide with terrific stone circles, thousands of dolmens and menhirs, expansions of current temples” guarded these stone-encoded computation devices which now shifted to marking the Wintertime solstice.

Skirmishes as well as the likelihood of damaging war grew between Enki’s and Enlil’s lineages. Then their darlings decided to marry. Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, lethal rivalry amongst their lineages would cease.

A number of Cuzco’s megalithic stones were melted with added oxygen in temperatures around 1,a hundred levels. This glazed their silicate surfaces, so the “surfaces although irregular, truly feel sleek to touch.” The builders put each newly placed but nonetheless incredibly hot stone beside stones already great and hardened prior-positioned jigsaw polygonal blocks.

Abraham and Isaac “came towards the spot god had explained to him and Abraham crafted an altar there and organized the Wooden and sure his son Isaac and laid him about the altar atop the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.”

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